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ChargePanda v1.0 (Revamped)
Last Updated 10 months ago

This new version of ChargePanda comes back with a fresh look for the website's front-end and a new setup for the admin panel. It's important to know that this version isn't like the older one. It has many new changes and a different way of storing information. That means it can't be updated automatically, and upgrading it manually will need a bunch of custom adjustments and advanced technical knowledge.

What's new?

  1. Upgraded to Laravel 10 and Bootstrap 5 for enhanced performance and modern styling.
  2. Super easy installer.
  3. Completely redesigned front-end and back-end interfaces for a fresh user experience.
  4. Intuitive creation of Products/Services with dynamic pricing options.
  5. Support for generating Downloadable Products/Services for digital goods.
  6. Simple Products/Services creation, now with the ability to omit attachments.
  7. Introduction of an Addon System, offering expanded customization options.
  8. Dedicated communication interfaces, both in the frontend and backend, for easy interaction with customers via messages.
  9. Improved Language System to cater to diverse audiences.
  10. Convenient Guest Checkout feature to streamline the buying process.
  11. Database restructured to accommodate new features and optimize performance.
  12. Code enhancements for better functionality and maintainability.
  13. Public directory now serves as the Document Root in line with Laravel standards, ensuring efficient routing.

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