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Tax Settings
Last Updated 11 months ago

Purpose: These settings allow you to configure tax-related options, including enabling taxes, setting tax rates for specific countries and states, and specifying a fallback tax rate.


  1. Log in to the admin dashboard.
  2. Navigate to the "Settings" section.
  3. Click on the "Tax" tab.
  4. Enable Taxes:
    • Toggle the "Enable Taxes" setting to enable or disable taxes on your platform.
  5. Tax Rates (Country, State, Country wide, Rate):
    • Under the "Tax Rates" section, you'll find a repeater field that allows you to define tax rates for different scenarios:
      • Country: Choose the specific country for which you want to set a tax rate.
      • State: If applicable, select the state within the chosen country.
      • Country wide: Set a tax rate that applies to the entire selected country.
      • Rate: Enter the tax rate percentage (e.g., 17.5 for 17.5%).
    • Add as many repeater fields as needed to define tax rates for different combinations of countries and states.
  6. Fallback Tax Rate:
    • Below the tax rate repeater fields, locate the "Fallback Tax Rate" setting.
    • Enter a percentage, such as 17.5, to specify the tax rate that will apply to customers not falling within specific rates.
  7. Click the "Save Settings" button to apply the changes.

By configuring these tax settings, you ensure that taxes are accurately applied to transactions based on the specified rates.

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